Susanne Kopplin

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Fading memories - Paintings and Drawings

The gallery Artspace K2 opened the exhibition ”Fading Memories” by the artist Susanne Kopplin on 5 November 2017 The focus of the work presented in this exhibition is the portrait of mankind. Susanne Kopplin dominates her favorite profession of painting so outstandingly that she shows these portraits not in the usual styles of painting, but as painted photographs. Striking in her portraits is the fact that the painted photographs are almost always in black and white which leads to the impression that they are already having a longer and mysterious past behind. As the English title "Fading Memories" illustrates, in Kopplin's paintings former stories and dramas manifest themselves, urging to reappear as memories. The aloofness and melancholy of the portrayed characters, however, allow only fragments of a memory, finally fading and remaining a mystery. Due to the fact that some of the painted photo portraits show signs of destruction and clear traces of a vivid past, Susanne Kopplin takes up the well-known art theme of Vanitas/ transience in an original way. As memories fade, every life has a limited time. Apart from the central motifs of portrait photography, the spatial context in these paintings plays a symbolic role, too. These are mostly damaged walls where the photos are attached in a neglected and amateurish way. As an overall concept, the works of Susanne Kopplin offer an unusual art experience that awakens inspiring and sometimes disturbing associations. In this regard, the works of this exhibition invite to reflect on the past and to revive faded memories.Text:Christoph Noebel - Gallery owner .

Exhibition Dates

  • Mysteries of Life - Man and Nature
  • Kunstverein Bad Godesberg, Bonn-Germany
  • Vernissage: 6 March 2022-3pm
  • Exhibition: 6-27.March 2022